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Co-ordinator Roles

  • Mr Clark -            Performance Appraisal
  • Mrs Wooding -    SENCO, Key Stage1 Leader, Behaviour, Maths, Assessment and Data
  • Mrs Stocker -      Pastoral Support and Child Protection
  • Mrs Whitehurst - Information Communication Technology, British Values
  • Mrs Gaulton -     Key Stage 2 Leader, Literacy and Languages
  • Mrs Webb -        Music and Personal Social and Health Education
  • Miss McKee -    Science, History & Physical Education
  • Mrs Abbass -     Geography
  • Mrs Harrison -   Safeguarding and Community Liaison, Finances, Staff well-being, Enterprise, Healthy School
  • Mr Hartley -        Early Years Foundation Stage Leader, Religious Education & Curriculum planning  and The Arts and Cultural Enrichment
  • Mrs Costigan -   Reading, Curriculum planning, Healthy School and Gifted & Talented and The Arts and Cultural Enrichment