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Autumn Term

Welcome to our class page!


Well done for a wonderful start to the year!


Welcome back to our children that have returned and a warm welcome to our new starters.


We are really enjoying watching the change in season and learning more about how plants and animals grow and change. 

We follow the EYFS curriculum for planning activities and experiences within the setting and both Nursery and Reception children have daily carpet times where we focus on phonics, number, stories and speaking and listening. We also consider the interests of the children and provide activities that further develop these.

All of the children are enjoying Phonics lessons.  Nursery children are developing listening skills and speech and language skills.  Reception children are learning letter sounds and are using this phonic knowledge in their reading and writing.

We are all excited about this term, we have learnt and follow the class rules, settled into our routines and looking forward to learning lots!


Can we take this opportunity to thank Parents & Carers for their continuing support.

If you have any spare pots, pans and kitchen utensils at home we would be grateful for them so we can make musical instruments.
If you have any spare uniform we would be grateful for that too.

Many Thanks,
The Foundation Stage Team,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Suthern, Mrs Bickley and Miss Robinson

Feed the birds

We have been learning about how to take care of garden birds. 


"We used nuts and seeds and peanut butter because that's what birds like to eat"

How many birds can you see in your garden?

Investigating Nature

We love being outside and exploring nature.  We use books and word banks to find and identify flowers, plants and birds and label them.
Picture 1

The Gingerbread Man has come to visit

Picture 1
The Gingerbread Man will be coming home with every child in Reception.  He has a bag with a camera in, so you can take photos of what you get up to and a jotter book and pencils and pencil crayons so you can write about all the fun you had and draw a lovely picture.  Take good care of him and please make sure he comes back the next day so somebody else can take him home.

Rainbow Challenges!

Picture 1

Look at how well our Reception children are doing completing their challenges!  Once they have completed all of the Rainbow challenges they can have a go at the super tricky Golden Star Challenge.  Remember one of the challenges is to read at home so please continue to support your child to be a superstar by reading with them and filling in the Reading Diary.  

Keep up the GREAT work Reception!

Picture 1
We have harvested our sunflower seeds and we are going to keep them safe until spring.  That's a long time to wait!  What will we do with them then?


Picture 1

All of the children really enjoy sharing books and retelling stories.


Please read with your child as often as you can to help them become familiar with storytelling and reading. Reception children also have reading records for you to fill in each time you read together.

Foundation Stage Family Learning

Our Family Learning Sessions will be up and running again soon.  Watch this space...