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Golden Time

Every Friday afternoon, children take part in Golden Time. This is a special time when all children can have lots of fun and celebrate their good behaviour by staying on 'green' all week. If children get two red cards in a week, they will miss Golden Time. 


Each term, all children make choices from a wide range of activities and pick one to enjoy on a Friday Afternoon.


Here are the Golden Time groups:


  • KS2 Cinema Club - Mr McCarthy
  • Biking Around - Miss Fleming
  • Board Games - Miss Robinson
  • Computing - Miss Mckee
  • Cross stitch pictures - Mrs Gaulton & Mrs Whitehurst & Miss Ryan
  • Dodgeball - Miss Goodwin
  • Relaxing Club - Mrs McWhinnie
  • Disco Fit - Miss Hampson & Miss Dunn
  • Memory & Brain Games - Mrs Stocker
  • Smart Art - Mrs Percy