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Healthy Schools

Why not try our healthy recipes which are on our weekly newsletters. We will continue to work with pupils to help them to understand the need for this policy and the benefits that healthier eating will bring them. 

Hattersley & Mottram Local guidance


General Health/ Helplines


School Nurses at Hattersley Clinic

Tel: 0161 366 2381


"Ask Me" - Hattersley Support Services

Tel: 0161 366 3914

Or ask us for more guidance if needed.



Stop the Headlice


Head lice are a normal part of childhood - surveys among primary school children have found that nearly 1 in 10 have head lice at any one time. If you're a parent you probably know what a hassle it is to treat head lice and just how frustrating it can be when your child comes home scratching their head yet again.


Take a look at these useful websites below to find out how to treat them and much more...