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Saf Chaudry



Saf is a specialist teacher of ICT. He works in school 2 days each week, delivering innovative, exciting and challenging computing lessons. Each of which allows the children to develop their computing and coaching skills in relation to the new national curriculum. He also delivers a lunchtime computing club where children can explore their programming skills within a small focus group.


The children (and staff) really value his expertise and the computing projects which have already been completed and shown some excellent up and coming abilities across school.

John Goodier - Technical ICT Support


John is our specialist technician. He works in school two half days per week. He ensures all of our computers, Ipads, Smartscreens and all other technical equipment is up and running each day. This is no mean feat because we have over 200 such items.


John also runs our network, our school hub (which is the size of a small room), advises us on upgrades, on data points and lets of other technical information that most of us simply don't understand about.