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Lockdown 3 letter to Parents/Carers

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

It has been a very hectic few days trying to organise the reopening of the school in a very short space of time. We have been very busy working hard to ensure a smooth transition to home learning.

I want you to know that all teachers were in school for our children earlier this week. Our commitment to keeping school open for all was clear. We are equally determined to make the home learning as effective as we can and ensure continuity and progression and coverage.

This is a new way of working for us all and we are all trying as a school community to do our best to ensure we are meeting the needs of our children.



The laptops which were allocated to us by the DfE earlier in the year, are now out on loan and unfortunately, we do not have access to any extra at this time. When further stock becomes available I will ensure it is loaned to those who need it. Please email to be added to the waiting list.

*Please be aware that families are financially liable for the laptops we loan to them*


Free School Meals

Some parents have queried food vouchers. At the moment vouchers are only available to schools who cannot provide ‘Care Packages’, fortunately for us, Mellors have worked tirelessly in order to provide fortnightly food packages for those children who are eligible for Free School Meals but not currently attending school. These packages will contain designated essential items to be used to prepare your child’s lunch. When these are ready you will be asked to collect them from school.


Home Learning

Please remember that Lockdown/Tier 4 requires the majority of children to access learning from home. The premise is that by reducing mixing of children there is less chance of them transmitting the virus back into your homes. We thank you for supporting the remote/blended learning to reduce numbers in school.

We appreciate that having more than one child at home makes online remote learning very difficult. We can only ask our families to try their best to allow pupils to

access as much as they can. We intend to provide access to a full curriculum as usual and staff will upload relevant documents to Dojo/GoogleClassroom. Teachers will ensure all work is posted at the start of the day and will be available to the children to explain the task/work. Where appropriate they may provide live/recorded teaching.



As the Teachers will have pupils/teaching responsibility in their classrooms they will only be available online in accordance with their timetable. Teachers may not be able to respond to every enquiry immediately, but they will be available at certain points during the day and after school up until 4pm.

I must ask that Parents/Carers do NOT send messages to staff via DOJO or by email any later than 4pm. We are all happy to resolve any issues and answer any questions but we must bear in mind that there has to be a cut off point for the staff.

We know the pressures you are all under and teaching your child at home, even with support, is hard work! We aim to keep your child on track and ask that if you require any further work packs you let us know as we will happily provide additional materials.

We encourage you to get your child up at the usual time and maintain a timetable to make the days as smooth as possible.

Online Learning Resources - Staff may recommend online resources for your child, to offer a break from paper and pen recording. Please remember that your child (depending on their age) has access, free of charge to many online tools, including:

Phonics play
BBC Bitesize
Maths xtables Rock Stars
Bug Club

As always, we are ready to work as hard as possible with the children of Arundale Primary and their families to maintain a great learning experience.

Please take care and stay safe.

Yours sincerely 


Mr Hartley