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Mighty Zulu Nation

Mighty Zulu Nation – whole school workshop


On Friday 22nd May the Mighty Zulu Nation will be visiting school for the day. 


The day will consist of:-




A traditional song and dance showcase, performed for the entire school, which will give children the opportunity to experience the heartbeat of Africa as they observe the powerful dance sequences and mesmerising Zulu war chants, performed in the past.  The performers provide detailed explanations and demonstrate fascinating aspects of their Zulu culture.


A general workshop, again performed for the entire school a fun, interactive workshop highlighting aspects of geography, history and social life of the traditional and modern Zulu.




Dance workshop for Year 5 & 6 which explores Zulu rhythms and then a traditional dance routine.


Music workshop for Year 3 & 4, providing an opportunity for children to learn traditional Zulu songs


Drum workshop for Year 6, a fun, rhythmical collaboration between performer and pupils to create traditional rhythmic melodies.


And Finally …


An afternoon performance for parents!! Please come along and watch a short 20 minute compilation of dance and singing by the Zulu’s and the children! The performance will be in the hall and the doors will be open from 2.40pm, with the show starting promptly at 3pm.  The performance is expected to finish at 3.20pm.



After the performance has finished, children will go back to their classrooms and parents can collect their children as normal.


Nursery children will not be participating in this workshop due to the level of noise.  


Please note that due to this workshop starting at 9am, assembly will be CANCELLED on this day.


Many thanks for your continued support.