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Oxfam assembly

Mr McCarthy delivered an Oxfam assembly to the children to explain where the money raised from Christmas Jumper Day had gone and what exactly it was being used for:-


Safe Water for 50 People - £50

For families facing a disaster or communities without a nearby supply, access to safe, clean water is life-saving. Because of our gift also cuts the time people spend fetching water, they’ll have more time to spend making a living or caring for their families

Seeds - £10

These seeds could mean a better future for a farming family, because when you’re struggling, sometimes the smallest things can make a world of difference

Escape the Cold - £21

If you’ve had to flee your home, cold wather is the last thing you need. Our gift helps to provide bedding, waterproof sheeting and tools for clearing snow

Feed a Family - £8

This donation can help put food on the table when a crisis hits, providing food, or vouchers and cash to buy food locally meaning people will have enough to eat helping them keep fit, healthy and able to focus on the future

Help a Refugee - £26

This donation means someone will be there for a refugee when they have nowhere else to turn, giving them access to clean water, hygiene supplies, winter clothes, food and shelter – so they can focus on rebuilding their lives

Honey Bees - £12

Even a tiny critter like a bee can make a big difference when you’re facing poverty and a little support like bee keeping equipment, hives and training can make a huge difference giving families access to a sustainable income meaning they have the chance to get their kids into school and get food on the table – opening up a brighter future! M