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September 2020 Parent Letter

Dear Parents

I hope you and your families are well, I would like to inform you about our plans for September. We are pleased to say that we will welcome all children back with some added controls in place to meet government guidelines. These plans will only change following Local Authority or Government advice in regard to COVID-19 and we will notify you as soon as possible if there are to be any changes.

Year Group

Start time

Finish time

Entry/Exit – please observe social distancing at all times





Nursery door entry from Foundation Unit playground



8.45 am


Reception classroom door on KS1 playground.


Years 1 and 2




Y1 classroom door.

Y2 classroom door.

Years 3 and 4





Y3 classroom door.

Y4 classroom door.

Years 5 and 6



Y5 classroom door.

Y6 classroom door.


Start and finish times/drop off points:

Parents must strictly observe these times and the social distancing markings around school, we ask parents to leave the playground immediately once their child has gone into class. Only one adult should enter school grounds and no other children should be with the adult where at all possible. If you need to bring younger children please supervise and use reins and prams if appropriate. We politely encourage you to walk to school rather than using transport.

The outdoor play equipment remains closed before and after school to all children.

Approaching staff - Please do not go into the main office area or approach staff that will be with children. If you need to speak to a member of staff, please phone or email school.

Breakfast Club Children can only attend Breakfast Club if this has been pre-booked.  If you have not had confirmation of your child’s place they will not be able to attend.

Attendance - Parents should follow the usual procedures for reporting absence, by ringing the school office on the morning of absence. It is essential that if someone in your house-hold or someone you have been in close contact with becomes ill with Covid-19 symptoms you inform school immediately and take NHS advice on isolating and we ask that you notify the track and trace system in place. See guidance in Home/School Agreement.




Uniform – Children will wear school uniform as normal and we ask that it is washed regularly. All children need a school book bag (no rucksacks), PE kit and water bottle but we ask that no other equipment is brought in to school.

Mobile Phones – No mobile phones should be brought into school by any child at any time.

Classes - Children will be in year group and Key Stage bubbles. Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered. Children will be with their class teacher and teaching assistant within their bubbles. Other staff will work with the children – music, interventions, etc.

Lunches – The school kitchen will be open and will be providing lunches.  Lunchtime will be staggered to support social distancing and reduced to 50 minutes to allow for time lost due to staggered start/finish times.

Break times – Break times will be staggered.  We will not be able to offer snack, please send your child with a healthy snack that they can enjoy at break time (no crisps or chocolate).

First Aid – If a child needs first aid or intimate care this will be administered on a 1-1 basis and the member of staff will wear PPE. If a child becomes ill, with symptoms of Covid-19 whilst in school, a room has been identified in the school where the child will be isolated and can be monitored, until collected by a parent. Please ensure school has your up-to-date emergency contact numbers. Families are then expected to self-isolate and to follow the government guidelines to book a test, during which time, the child may not return to school.  Information on the Track and Trace guidance is attached. Following a negative test result the child may of course return to school immediately.

Cleaning – Increased cleaning schedules have been put into place throughout school. Children will take part in regular handwashing routines and use alcohol-based hand gels throughout the school day. They must wash their hands on entry to school. ‘Catch it, bin it’ procedures will be in place. 

Medication – If your child has an inhaler for asthma and is listed at school for this, they MUST bring it with them when they are returning to school. They will not be able to come in to school without it. Please ensure that it has the pharmacy label with name, date and dosage clear to see. Children with additional medication for long term health needs must of course have this with them in school at all times. Children with short term illness where antibiotics or similar may be prescribed, are asked to stay at home for the duration of their medication and therefore no additional medication will be given in school at this time. 

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing the children back in school in September.

Yours sincerely


Mr P. Hartley

Acting Head Teacher