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School Uniform and equipment

  • Pierced ears are allowed in school. Multiple piercings with jewellery are not. Children who wish to wear earrings to school are able to wear one stud to their earlobe. For Health and Safety reasons, studs must be taken out on P.E or Swimming days
  • Only plain, simple watches of low value should be worn to school
  • Children will wear sensible, safe, black shoes without heels over ½” or flashing heels at all times of the year, no open back or open toe shoes are permitted, boots may be worn to and from school, once in school children change into their school shoes
  • Long hair should be tied back tidily with a sensible, soft fastening in particular for PE
  • No varnish should be worn on finger or toe nails
  • Clothing accessories should be sensible i.e. socks, hair fasteners
  • No biro pens should be brought to school or used in school
  • No knives should ever be brought to school
  • No mobile phones should ever be brought to school
  • No medicine should ever be brought to school by the children (except inhalers or epi-pens for older children with head teacher permission)
  • No CDs, videos or material of inappropriate nature should be brought into school
  • No MP3 players, iPods, video game consoles etc. should be brought into school
  • All school uniform should be clearly labelled
  • Bags to carry equipment should be of reasonable size as space in cloakrooms is limited