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Upper Key Stage 1

Year 2 Attendance Party

Last Wednesday, Year 2 enjoyed a fun filled afternoon as a treat for winning the overall attendance for the previous term! Well done Year 2!

Chick Eggs have arrived to Year 2 class!

Year 2 have been watching and waiting for 6 chick eggs to hatch, and 3 of them have hatched hurray! Unfortunately at the weekend so we couldn't watch them hatch, but it was a nice surprise to see them on the Monday. Two yellow chicks and a black chick has hatched and we have named them Chase, Fluffy and Timmy.

World Book Day!

On Thursday was World Book Day and the children all looked fantastic in their WBD costumes! They all made such a huge effort and had great fun during the day swapping books and taking part in a book scavenger hunt! At the end of the day each class swapped teachers to have a story read to them. We really enjoyed it smiley


Year 2 Trip to Knowsley Safari Park

"On Wednesday Year 2 went on a trip to Knowsley Safari Park for our topic which is on safari. When we arrived a guide called Laura came on to the coach and we went round and looked at all of the animals. First we went to look at the camels and Laura told us that the camels store fat in their humps. Next we looked at the rhinos and were taught that a rhino horn is made of hair! Then we all looked at the zebras. Did you know that a family of zebras is called a dazzle? Then we went to see the giraffes. Laura told us that giraffes have flexible necks with seven neck bones and they also have four stomachs. What an amazing fact!"

By Kallum Wilson, Year 2