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Who's Who

Interim Executive Head Teacher

Interim Executive Head Teacher 1 Mrs K Burns

Head of School

Head of School 1 Mr P Hartley

Assistant Head Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher 1 Mrs E Whitehurst

Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding Lead 1 Mrs E Stocker - Designated Safeguard Lead
Safeguarding Lead 2 Mrs S Costigan - Deputy Safeguard Lead

Administration Staff

Administration Staff 1 Mrs K Kennedy - School Bursar
Administration Staff 2 Mrs A McGowan - Admin Assistant
Administration Staff 3 Miss K Davies - Casual Admin Assistant

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs H Suthern - Nursery Teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mr S Bowden - Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 3 Miss J Saddow - Year 1 Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mr S McCarthy - Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Miss O Wilde - Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs J Weilding - Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs E Whitehurst - Year 5 Teacher
Teaching Staff 8 Miss L Mckee - Year 6 Teacher
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs C Abbass - Year 6 Teacher
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs L Hulland - Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs S Bickley
Teaching Assistants 2 Miss M Robinson
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs L McWhinnie
Teaching Assistants 4 Miss M Ryan
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs M Lemberg Anderson
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs N Peace
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs F Hague
Teaching Assistants 8 Miss C Dunn
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs V Percy
Teaching Assistants 10 Miss M Fleming
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs R Hampson
Teaching Assistants 12 Miss C Monaghan

Pastoral and Child Protection Manager

Pastoral and Child Protection Manager 1 Mrs E Stocker

Learning Mentor & Attendance Officer

Learning Mentor & Attendance Officer 1 Miss D Hampson

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mr P Hartley
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs E Whitehurst
Senior Leadership Team 3 Mrs S Costigan

SENCO / Reading & Phonics Co-ordinator

SENCO / Reading & Phonics Co-ordinator 1 Mrs S Costigan