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Enterprise Committee

2016 - 2017

Year 6 Enterprise Visit to Manchester


On Tuesday 8th November, the Enterprise Team went on a trip to Eversheds law offices in Manchester.  We had to pretend to be lawyers and try to win an argument against other schools.  First of all, we practised working as a team and finding key points for an argument.  Then we met some real lawyers who gave us lots of information and advice about how to win our case.  We had to present our case in front of other schools and a panel of lawyer judges!  We didn’t win, but we loved taking part…and we got an excellent lunch!

By Appleby King & Tiegan Howarth

At Arundale we encourage our Year 6 pupils to take part in building our school ethos.

Here are the thoughts of our Enterprise Committee

'Each week, as an Enterprise Committee, we discuss and decide upon different enterprise ideas to use in our business selling snacks during break times. This is to gather funds for our school development and we collect the money together so that we can use it to improve our school in some way. Our Profit stands at £636.00'.

Our school has been awarded the 'Gold' standard of the Food4Life Award and we are encouraging the rest of school to eat healthily and have chosen healthy options to sell at our tuck shop.

Also we help the children who have not had breakfast in the mornings before they come to school by giving them a quick healthy snack e.g. a cereal bar.