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The positive behaviour approach is the foundation for an effective learning and teaching environment in which all members of the school community can feel respected, safe and secure. The school behaviour policy reflects how the school values and includes all the people in it.

The school operates a series of positive rewards and a series of sanctions. We believe that positive discipline is the most appropriate way of dealing with inappropriate behaviour. With this in mind we have adopted a sensible and sensitive attitude towards discipline. See Behaviour Policy.


We do have rules and a code of conduct which have been developed in the interest of safety for all children at Arundale. In line with these procedures, parents will be informed if their child’s behaviour is causing concern.


Bullying and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. If you have concerns regarding your child, please contact school immediately. It is important that any cases of bullying are dealt with promptly. We treat all reported incidents seriously and confidentially.


At playtimes our aim is to create a caring ethos in the playground, which is in line with our behaviour and anti-bullying policies. We have a selection of activities and resources available in the playground to help children to develop skills of co-operation and turn taking. Children are encouraged to take responsibility in the playground through a monitor system, which encourages children to look out for lonely children, take care of playground equipment and supervise children walking into school at the end of play.