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School Day

Our School Day begins 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm.


All children should be in the playground ready to come into school at 8.45am each day. The register is taken immediately after arrival to the classroom. The register is taken twice a day and therefore a day counts as 2 attendances.


Morning registration ends at 8.55am. If a child arrives after the registration period they must enter and be registered by the parent/guardian at the main Reception desk and will be marked in as 'Late'. Arrival later than 9.25am will automatically be classed as unauthorised absence, unless previously discussed and agreed with Attendance staff. The afternoon register is taken at 12.45pm in KS1 and 1.00pm in KS2. Please see our Attendance Policy in 'Key Information' for further details.


Minutes late per day during the school yearEquals days worth of teaching lost in a year
5 Minutes3.4 Days
10 Minutes6.9 Days
15 Minutes10.3 Days
20 Minutes13.8 Days
30 Minutes20.7 Days