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Our School Therapy Dogs - Sadie & Wilbur

Sadie is a Labradoodle, she joined Arundale in January 2022.  Wilbur is a Cockapoochon and joined the school in April 2023.  Sadie and Wilbur are based in the school office which is separate from the classrooms and children only interact with them under strict supervision.  They are in school every day.  As they are poodle mixes, their coats are hypo-allergenic, therefore, allergies should not occur.


As therapy dogs, they support children, parents and staff especially in areas such as Forest School, reading, nurture groups, help with attendance and also being in the quiet areas on the playground at playtimes. 


Children can benefit educationally and emotionally, increase their understanding of responsibility and develop empathy and nurturing skills through contact with a school dog.


In addition to these benefits, children take great enjoyment from interaction with a dog.


Inspiring – Dogs are fun! They greet you with a wagging tail and unconditional love which will inspire you to come into school on time each day and thrive.


Discovering – Dogs teach children about socialisation. By learning how to interact with a dog, your communication and socialisation skills will improve.


Caring – Dogs teach children compassion. Just like humans, dogs feel emotion and pain and so you must ensure that you care for our school dog.


Improving – Dogs teach children patience. Dogs do not always do as they are asked first time. Keep trying and don’t give up!


Achieving – Dogs teach children responsibility. Help our school dog by ensuring he has enough food, water and comfort each day.


Behaving – Dogs must follow the rules too!

Please see link below to our school dog policy.