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Religious Education

R.E Curriculum Intent

Our RE Co-ordinator is Miss Wilde


Religious Education is a compulsory subject and forms part of the national curriculum. At Arundale we follow the Tameside Agreed Syllabus for RE and this is delivered through the RE Today scheme of work. 



  • Promote mutual respect-to think about others
  • Create tolerance in a diverse society-to accept others for who they are
  • Promote personal development-to make choices
  • Develop spiritual and moral skills
  • Give children the tools to combat prejudice
  • Enable children to learn from different belief systems
  • Develop community cohesion in a diverse British society. 



We start in Foundation through to Year 6 teaching about the different religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, the different cultures and why people believe their religions. We learn about different festivals around the world that different religions hold such as Diwali and Christmas. The respect, tolerance and understanding for the beliefs of others will be promoted as part of our programme, to therefore prepare children for later life. Parents have the right to withdraw children from religious lessons but it must be understood that such activities make a contribution to cross-curricular objectives pursued during the course of the school week.

Important Religious Education Documents