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Our Science Co-ordinator is Mrs Abbass

Scientific thinking and enquiry are essential for all aspects of a child’s learning journey as it helps develop problem solving strategies through investigation. At Arundale Primary, we aim to develop these skills by sparking curiosity through an enriching curriculum which builds on prior learning. This process starts in EYFS, where pupils learn about the components of science through exploration in their immediate environment. Through Key Stage One, pupils extend this with continued opportunities to develop their investigation skills which focus on the ability to think rationally and test their own ideas. The programme of study includes understanding key scientists from the past and how their work shaped our future, testing different materials and natural phenomena. A key aspect in Key Stage Two is to get pupils ready for Secondary Science. They learn the investigation process: predict, plan, investigate, collect evidence, conclude and questions. This continuous process enriches their ability to develop their own investigation to test their own questions about the world around them.


Our programme of study is based on the National Curriculum requirements and it is important all children develop knowledge and make progress. However as a school we feel it is important all our pupils leave Year 6 with a secure understanding of each area of science and a curiosity to continue asking questions and seeking ways to find the answers.