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Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to our Autumn Term.

Welcome back, I hope you have all had a lovely Summer holiday and are ready to learn because this term is going to be bursting with many new challenges. Who can believe the children are already into Year 5! Wow!!

Our topics this term will be taking us into the Historical world of invaders, settlements and kingdoms starting with the Romans withdrawal from Britain. 

Through our English work, we will be working extremely hard to develop our writing skills using a range of writing styles with progressive grammar and sentence choices to engage the reader. We have some super writers in Year 5 so we shall be challenging the children this term with a range of different text genres as well as writing styles. Don't be surprised if they come home saying that they have been find completing English tasks within Topic time as we continue to embed key skills within a context.

Mathematics will continue to grow in complexity from the previous work in Year 4 as prior knowledge is applied and extended in order to become masters of age appropriate skills. We shall also continue to practice known facts through a range of practical work which will require the children to use all their problem solving know how to solve the problems quickly and efficiently.

This term we are also lucky to continue to work with our resident computer specialist, Mr Chaudry, every Friday morning. We shall be looking closely at computing and programming this term, before delving into the world of robotics later on this year.

Homework will be given every Tuesday and Wednesday with the expectation for it to be completed and handed in the following day. There will still be the usual weekly spellings and times tables to learn as well as the daily reading books in addition to this.

Finally in among all the excitement there is usual housekeeping matters to remind you of; the first being P.E kits... Can you please make sure you have a full P.E kit every Thursday and Friday. Finally can I ask that you please make sure all clothing is labelled. Everyone has come back after the holidays looking so smart, it would be a shame to lose any new jumpers or cardigans and be unable to reunite children with lost clothes due to them not being labelled.
If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Whitehurst & Mrs Percy (Year 5)


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The new golden time activites are on offer this term, so make sure that you stay on green to be part of it. Everyone loved the activities last term and we are sure that this term will see many more smiling faces. Remember its GOOD TO BE GREEN!

Come on year 5 lets show everyone what you're made of!