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Year 5

Welcome Back to School Year 5!

Welcome to our Spring Term.

Well, this term has started a little differently than previous terms, however, for those of you who are home learning we will be working extra hard to make sure you still receive the same topics as those who are in school.  

To help us do that we will be looking at using a selection of online tools and websites.

For our English and Topic based subjects we will be using Oak National Academy.


For Maths we will continue to follow the White Rose Maths.


All online learning will be posted daily onto the ClassDojo story page and also the Google Classroom page. Please if you are home learning, make sure you upload any of your completed work daily for us to mark. We are always available if you need any help.


Our English work will still be a mixture of explanatory/information text, descriptive writing, persuasive writing and traditional tales from another culture. All of which will help to keep our skills, knowledge and understanding of how to write different styles of genre whilst using the correct vocabulary and punctuation choices.  

Maths will build on our previous learning, encouraging the use of a variety of skills and developing mathematical reasoning as well as linking in to our topic where possible. Don’t forget that we are still extending our Maths access to include the Times Table Rockstars challenge. This offers an increased opportunity to practice and recall key quick mathematical timetable facts. Challenge one another and see how your pace rates against another rock star in your class…Who will become our next TT Rockstar, Legend or Hero? Only time and practice will tell.


Last term we increased our love for reading and enjoyed some excellent class novels. To help you to keep up with your reading at home we have created an Epic reading account for you to use as your own personal library.


We will be assigning age appropriate texts for you to read as a class and we will also set a few online comprehension quizzes. We saw many of you making steady improvements last term within reading so well done and keep reading at home, we want to see you reaching those all important goals.


This half term the children in school will continue to have P.E each Friday and it is vital for everyone to remember to bring their P.E kits (black shorts, white t-shirt and black pumps or trainers) so that we are ready for each lesson. May I also please ask for parents to support our uniform policy and ensure that children are wearing the correct/appropriate footwear (black school shoes, NOT trainers).


Thank you for all your support during this very strange and changeable time.

If there are any questions about this term, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mrs Whitehurst & Mrs Percy (Year 5)





Just some of the fun we have been having in Year 5 this year!

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